The brand portfolio of the "Standart" plant combines uniqueness and variety, satisfying the most sophisticated taste. Impeccable bottle design, elegant packaging and, of course, traditional, time-tested recipes - that's what makes our vodka so special.
Our brands
Russian squadra
"Russian Squadra" is a trademark of the ultra luxury segment, it has an exclusive label design and a unique silver jewelry.
With silver
The first and only vodka in Russia, where the technology of preparation involves constant direct contact with the jewelry made of silver.
Pure Nature
We have collected all the best created by nature in new organic "Pure Nature" vodka.
Platinum vodka has a perfect taste and is good in its pure form. Thanks to its classic taste, it is an ideal base for both cocktails and original recipes.
Northern land
Northern land is multifaceted and mysterious, just like Russian soul. Many people want to know the character of the North, because it attracts with its greatness and mystery.
Glacial Luxe
The Glacial Lux trademark offers "real" vodka produced according to the recipe and state standard of the USSR times.
Serebrenik is the first Russian silver coin that was minted in Russia at the end of the 10th century.
Vodka "Standard" is an ideal combination of the original recipe and traditional Russian technology.
Staritsa vodka is a well-known trade mark, which has rightfully won the status of "national".
A feature of this trademark is its unusual and memorable design. Vodka UZOLA will add a special mood to your feast.