Very often you just need to get together with a cheerful company of friends in order to recharge with positive energy and have a full rest. With our unique collection for clubs and parties, you don't have to spend a lot of time choosing drinks. It is much more important to enjoy pleasant companionship.
For clubs and parties
Russian squadron
"Russian Squadron" is a trademark of the ultra luxury segment, it has an exclusive label design and a unique silver jewelry.
Platinum vodka has a perfect taste and is good in its pure form. Thanks to its classic taste, it is an ideal base for both cocktails and original recipes.
With silver
The first and only vodka in Russia, where the technology of preparation involves constant direct contact with the jewelry made of silver.
A feature of this trademark is its unusual and memorable design. Vodka UZOLA will add a special mood to your feast.
Pure Nature
We have collected all the best created by nature in new organic "Pure Nature" vodka.
Srebrenik is the first Russian silver coin that was minted in Russia at the end of the 10th century.